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Roundtable on developments in disability services in Australia  - Created : 30 August 2012

In Control has been invited to attend a roundtable with National Disability Services Australia and OPM to discuss developments in services in Australia and to share learning and experiences.

Recording of Volunteering webinar now available  - Created : 29 August 2012

Presented by Alex Fox, chief executive of Shared Lives Plus and Think Local, Act Personal's lead for developing community capacity, this session hosted on 29 August outlines how we can build on the excellent practice already happening to develop socia...

Supporting people to set up social care enterprises  - Created : 20 August 2012

Community Catalysts is hosting a series of free events to explore ways in which disabled people's organisations and older people's organisations can work in partnership with other agencies to support their members and other disabled or older people to...

Recording of personalisation and workforce webinar  - Created : 09 August 2012

On Thursday 9 August we held webinar with Skills for Care on personalisation and workforce development. The session was presented by Sharon Allen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Skills for Care. A recording of the session can be viewed below and a ...

Think Local Act Personal publishes its Progress Report and Work Programme  - Created : 02 August 2012

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow has declared his continued support for the Partnership, and writes in the foreword that it is uniquely placed to lead work across the sector in bringing practical reality to the aspirations for personalised care and...

Perusing the Bill - One for the wonks  - Created : 01 August 2012

Read Martin Routledge's latest blog post here.

Stronger Partnerships for Better Outcomes: A protocol for market relations  - Created : 17 July 2012

This is a set of principles and good behaviours that is intended to enhance effective ways of working between people and family carers, service providers and local authority commissioners.

New paper: Volunteering: Unlocking the real wealth of communities  - Created : 16 July 2012

Creating opportunities for people using support services to contribute to those around them has a deep impact on their wellbeing and members of their wider community, according to a new report released by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP).

Best of the White Paper blogs  - Created : 13 July 2012

Martin Routledge's 'Fifty shades of white' blog post features in Community Care's round up of the best blogs on the White Paper.

Fifty shades of white?  - Created : 12 July 2012

Martin Routledge's blog post in response to the White Paper.

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