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Highlights from 2015  - Created : 26 January 2016

As we look forward to 2016, it's helpful to reflect on the past 12 months...

Leading the Charge Towards Patient Empowerment  - Created : 07 January 2016

The young person's guide to personal budgets gets an honourable mention in a blog post by James Sanderson, the Director of Personalisation & Choice at NHS England.

Personal Health Budgets guides and information  - Created : 03 December 2015

In Control have co-produced new practical guides and information about using personal health budgets for children and young people for health services and their partners

Introduction to the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool for Education, Health and Care Plans  - Created : 25 November 2015

If you are a parent or carer of a child who has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), or a child or young person who has an EHCP, then we would like to know how the process was for you. Watch here for an introduction to the POET

Promoting people’s right to choice and control under the Care Act 2014  - Created : 13 October 2015

Promoting people's right to choice and control under the Care Act 2014 How are local authorities performing? The Independent Living Strategy Group conducted two pieces of research and analysis to explore the degree to which local author...

POET for Personal Health Budget Holders and Family Carers  - Created : 02 October 2015

In Control, Lancaster University and Think Local Act Personal have published the findings of the third personal outcomes evaluation tool (POET)of over 500 personal health budget holders and carers. The purpose of the Personal Outcomes Evaluati...

Experience of an ordinary life  - Created : 13 September 2015

Gavin Croft and Karen Saville talk about their ordinary life and personal health budgets

A life not a service  - Created : 16 July 2015

A new set of papers from In Control challenging all those leading integration work across public services to maintain and increase the central focus on people and their communities. It's all too easy when faced with structural change and transform...

Reflections of the Mental Health Demonstrator Programme by Vidhya Alakeson  - Created : 27 April 2015

In December 2013, CCGs and trusts in 14 places across the country came together to begin implementing personal health budgets in mental health. In March this year, the same people met for the last time to review progress. In the intervening time...

Independent living survey  - Created : 15 April 2015

Take part in the survey about changes to independent living.. Over the past two years a group of organisations and activists have been meeting together to think about how to move the independent living agenda forwards. We want to understand mor...

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