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Blog post - Who is 'In Control' now?  - Created : 13 December 2012

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of In Control. One of our first key messages was "the current system is broken". We argued for a new way of doing things and developed self-directed support (SDS) as a way of shifting power to people. Not only di...

In Control welcomes freedom to design our own health care  - Created : 30 November 2012

Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care Services, has today set out the Government's intention to allow people to control the spending of funding allocated to them for health. The announcement follows the positive results of a pilot project, which has...

Working Together for Change: Citizen-led change in public services  - Created : 15 October 2012

Groundswell Partnership has published a new report 'Working Together for Change'.

In Control at Conservative Party Conference  - Created : 09 October 2012

In Control has been invited to attend a number of fringe events at this year's Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

Councils get started on checking impact of personal budgets  - Created : 21 September 2012

More than 30 councils across England have begun a process to check the outcomes that personal budgets are having on personal budget recipients and carers.

Getting it right for children, young people and families in Scotland  - Created : 21 September 2012

This conference was hosted by In Control Scotland, it was an opportunity for local authorities, providers and families to share learning on self-directed support in Scotland.

Making it Real across the regions  - Created : 21 September 2012

Significant programmes of work to support the delivery of Think Local Act Personal's markers of progress 'Making it Real' have now started in a number of regions.

Lloyds TSB funds family leadership course  - Created : 21 September 2012

In Control has succesfully secured funding from Lloyds TSB Foundation to contribute towards a family leadership course in the West Midlands.

Co-production and partnership in practice conference  - Created : 21 September 2012

Members of our Stay Connected network, Merseyside Disability Federation (MDF) are hosting a conference on 16 October on co-production and partnership in practice.

New paper: Building a new relationship with children, young people and families  - Created : 21 September 2012

In our latest paper from In Control's Childrens Programme we explore the elements of a new relationship between statutory agencies, services and children and families.

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