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DH Personalisation of Care Summit today  - Created : 11 September 2013

The Care Services Minister Norman Lamb hosted a 'personalisation of care summit' today, Wednesday 11 September. The summit was an opportunity for government and representatives of key social care sector partners, including people who use services ...

Planning for action - personalisation of care summit  - Created : 11 September 2013

In Control's head of operations, Martin Routledge blogs ahead of the Department of Health's personalisation of care summit taking place today. You can read the blog post, and download a copy of the slides being used at the summit here.

People Power can help transform care by MP Liz Kendall  - Created : 10 September 2013

After a meeting with Partners in Policymaking representatives, Liz Kendall, Labour MP for Leicester West and Shadow Minister for Care and Older People was inspired to write a blog post about the experience.

Personalisation, austerity and making progress  - Created : 09 September 2013

The Guardian Homecare Hub has published an article from Martin Routledge, our head of operations on personalisation and whether it can succeed in a time of austerity.

Recording of NHS England personal health budget programme webinar now available  - Created : 05 September 2013

On the 5th September, we co-hosted a webinar with NHS England to introduce the personal health budget delivery programme for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

Latest NHS Personal Health Budgets newsletter now online  - Created : 02 September 2013

NHS England has just published the latest 'Personal health budgets 'Update' Summer 2013.

New programme: ‘BU BE AMAZING’ launched for young people  - Created : 02 September 2013

In Control is partnering with Mayday Trust and Blackthorn Good Neighbours to create a unique programme for young people, their families and the local community: BU BE AMAZING (BU).

Resolution Foundation asks the question: Does it pay to care?  - Created : 02 September 2013

A recent report published by the Resolution Foundation shows that while headline pay rates for care workers who visit clients at home are set at or above the national minimum wage, the reality is much different.

Nuffield Trust report on Personal health budgets published  - Created : 02 September 2013

Recently Nuffield Trust published a report on 'Personal Health Budgets: Challenges for commissioners and policy-makers' outlining what personal health budgets are, how they will work in practice and the issues they raise.

The welfare state: no longer an adequate safety net  - Created : 27 August 2013

The welfare state no longer provides a safety net for the most vulnerable in society; unemployed people are facing a 'job trap' - stuck in a cycle of low-paid, precarious work and life on benefits; and local government cuts have all but killed the...

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