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NDTi launches survey into the use of Personal Budgets for employment support  - Created : 19 November 2013

The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) has launched a survey to find out about the use of Personal Budgets in organisations that provide employment support.

Martin Routledge and his take on Personalisation: what’s next?  - Created : 14 November 2013

In Control's Martin Routledge provides his take on TLAP's project Personalisation: What's Next?' in his blog 'Keep focused on genuine personalisation'.

TLAP review partnership agreement and launch blogs on personalisation: what’s next?  - Created : 13 November 2013

Personalisation is a way of thinking about health and care services that puts people at the centre of understanding their needs, choosing their support and having control over their lives.

CQC begins annual frontline health and social care staff survey  - Created : 12 November 2013

CQC (Care Quality Commission) is running its second annual frontline health and social care staff survey during November.

New website for comparing council services goes live  - Created : 12 November 2013

Yesterday a new website was launched by care and support minister Normal Lamb allowing people to compare local adult social care services.

Major survey reveals main challenges for homecare staff and potential issues for personal budgets  - Created : 08 November 2013

A major survey released on 30th October and conducted by the Guardian Social Care Network and the Department of Health (DoH), revealed that time constraints, low pay and lack of training for frontline staff are the key challenges facing care worke...

Personal health budgets key contributor to integration  - Created : 08 November 2013

In a recent article in The Guardian, 'Budget cuts lend impetus to integrating health and social care' on 6th November, personal health budgets has been yet again acknowledged as a key part of how social care and health services will take on challe...

TLAP develops action plan recommending In Control’s POET  - Created : 31 October 2013

In Control's tool POET, has gained further recognition as the lead tool for evaluating projects with Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) recommending its use for its summary action plan following on from the recent Personalisation of Care Summit on 1...

Integrated working for better outcomes  - Created : 31 October 2013

SCIE have launched 'Integration - Step by Step' - an online tool to help organisations achieve excellence in delivery of all their services.

NICE Guidance Development Group members needed  - Created : 31 October 2013

The NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care (NCCSC), hosted by SCIE, has been commissioned by NICE to produce guidance on older people with long-term conditions living in their own homes or in residential care.

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