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How Barnsley is joining up services for a ‘one-stop shop approach to tackling troubled families  - Created : 11 December 2013

Barnsley Council has taken a different approach to providing support for families who are experiencing crisis or vulnerability by co-ordinating multiple support agencies into a single team for each family.

Directors of adult social care in the West Midlands seek a fresh perspective from carers and service users  - Created : 11 December 2013

Directors of social services in West Midlands are taking a different approach to finding out how well their social services are doing - by asking peers from other councils, service users and carers to give their opinions.

This time it’s not personal – In Control’s Vidhya Alakeson shares her opinion  - Created : 11 December 2013

''Personalisation' has been around as a buzzword for a long time. But the consensus over whether this means 'personal budgets' is breaking down in health and social care', says Vidhya Alakeson as she discusses personalisation and personal budgets ...

Personal Budgets in health and care - integration, personalisation and towards implementation  - Created : 11 December 2013

The Westminster Health Forum is holding an event on Thursday, 23rd January 2014 in Central London on the topic 'Personal Budgets in health and care - integration, personalisation and towards implementation'.

Celebrate being 'in control' this Christmas and keep the 'feel good' factor going into the New Year  - Created : 10 December 2013

Christmas and New Year are times when people get together and celebrate as a family, or simply take advantage of the seasonal holiday to enjoy time with those they love. However recent campaigns such as 'Winter Friends' highlight just how hard thi...

In Control welcomes four new trustees to its board  - Created : 10 December 2013

In Control is delighted to welcome four new trustees to its board. As trustees their role will be to ensure good governance of the organisation and that it delivers on its charitable mission and objectives.

Personal health budgets progress update  - Created : 10 December 2013

Work to introduce personal health budgets ahead of legislation coming in April 2014 enabling people with continuing healthcare the "right to ask" for a personal health budget is gathering pace. And from October 2014, this legislation will be exten...

In Control supports NHSE to introduce personal health budgets for children  - Created : 10 December 2013

NHS England (NHSE) has commissioned In Control to deliver an in-depth programme of work over the next six months.

Carnegie Trust publishes ‘The Enabling State: From Rhetoric to Reality’ case studies  - Created : 04 December 2013

The Carnegie UK Trust has recently published a paper 'The Enabling State: From Rhetoric to Reality', a selection of case studies of current practice of delivering services with an 'enabling approach' as part of its 'Enabling State' project led by ...

East Midlands and London on board for regional programme  - Created : 04 December 2013

In Control is delighted to announce more regions have joined our regional personalisation improvement programme we are delivering in partnership with ADASS.

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