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Les Scaife reveals why being 'in control' is so important this Christmas  - Created : 20 December 2013

What being in control has meant this year is that my son Brian has been able to go out and do his own Christmas shopping with the support from his PA. At this time of the year we will all be together as a family over the Christmas, but afte...

New blog: Finding a way to unite for genuine personalisation  - Created : 20 December 2013

In our series of Christmas blogs about what it means to be 'in control' at this time of year our Chief Executive Julie Stansfield, Sam Clarke from Inclusion North and Sian Lockwood from Community Catalysts talk about their hopes for 2014.

3 years on, Mark Neary is thankful he is still ‘in control’ this Christmas  - Created : 16 December 2013

This Christmas being 'in control' has more meaning than ever. December is a time when we are constantly reminded how it could have been very different. In fact, it was only 3 years ago this week I was shown the welfare deputyship application that ...

Are you ‘in control’ this Christmas?  - Created : 15 December 2013

Last week we kicked off our Christmas campaign to lift spirits and remind us all of the value of the work we do with a blog by Elaine Cotterill, In Control trustee, who talked about how being 'in control' has made such dramatic difference to her, ...

Martin Routledge offers his thoughts on independent living  - Created : 15 December 2013

Ahead of a meeting with disabled leaders and others to debate strategies and tactics to address the current threats to independent living for disabled people, Martin Routledge, In Control's head of operations offers his views in a blog for 'Autho...

Guidance now published ‘Implementing the 0 to 25 special needs system’  - Created : 11 December 2013

The Department for Education (DfE) and Department of Health (DH) recently published guidance providing advice for local authorities and health partners on implementing the 0 to 25 special needs system from September 2014.

Martin Routledge blogs about why he sees circles as the key to bridging gaps  - Created : 11 December 2013

First published on Community Circles, Martin Routledge, In Control's head of operations, has written a blog 'Economic pen-pictures of circles' about why he believes circles are the key to bridging the gap between people, communities and the state.

Forthcoming webinars as part of the Childrens programme  - Created : 11 December 2013

In January and February 2014 we will be running a series of webinars covering the latest topics about personalisation for children, young people and their families. Information on these webinars and how to participate can be found below. Please...

The changing role of families in social care  - Created : 11 December 2013

Can help from family members and the community keep the system alive? This is one of the questions being asked in light of recent changes adult social care and the need to find a new way of approaching provision of services with budgets being cut ...

Martin Routledge attends Local Area Coordination Day  - Created : 11 December 2013

Martin Routledge, our head of operations attended the recent Local Area Coordination Day held in Derby.

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