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More than 200 gather to Make the Future Together  - Created : 01 May 2014

More than 200 people from all walks of life gathered yesterday (30th April) at Making the Future Together in Manchester.

Help people to challenge dehumanising services  - Created : 29 April 2014

In an article in today's Guardian (29 April) Ivan Lewis MP talks about helping people to challenge 'dehumanising' public services.

Next webinar - Personal health budgets and mental health: Getting ready and getting it right  - Created : 24 April 2014

Presented by Vidhya Alakeson, Mental Health Lead for the Personal Health Budgets Delivery Programme for NHS England and Alex MyCawka, personal health budget recipient Wednesday 7th May, 10am to 11am

Personal budgets and self-determination by Jenny Morris  - Created : 24 April 2014

An excellent blog post from Jenny Morris reflecting on the current debate about personal budgets and social care and reminding us not to lose sight of what's important - to empower people rather than disempower people.

Bookings now open for 23rd Children's Programme Residential  - Created : 23 April 2014

'Every Challenge is an opportunity' is the 23rd residential event for the Children's programme and the focus will be on meeting the challenges of implementing personal health budgets including the new Children and Families Act, new Code of Practic...

In Control hosts early intervention roundtable  - Created : 22 April 2014

In Control is hosting a roundtable session next month to discuss personalising the approach to early intervention and better supporting people at times of crisis or vulnerability.

Evaluation of SEN and Disability Pathfinder programme  - Created : 16 April 2014

The Department for Education has produced its evaluation of the SEN and Disability Pathfinder programme.

Revision of the SEND code of practice and consultation  - Created : 16 April 2014

The Department for Education (DfE) is now consulting on the revised draft of the new 'Special educational needs and disability (SEND) code of practice: 0 to 25 years'.

In Control produce personal budget briefings for Together for Short Lives  - Created : 16 April 2014

In Control has been working with Together for Short Lives to produce a series of briefings to help voluntary sector providers of children's palliative care get ready for the introduction of personal budgets.

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