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Charging for Social Care  - Created : 20 November 2018

A tax on the need for support?

Social Care Future gathering  - Created : 20 November 2018

An amazing gathering of over 300 people took place in Manchester, coinciding with the National Children and Adult Social Care (NCASC) conference, organised by the volunteers through the #socialcarefutureinitiative (see

Council Tighten Reins on Personalised Care  - Created : 14 June 2018

The Guardian Article Campaigners say growing use of prepaid cards for people to spend on support at home is removing their independence

Rights of Passage  - Created : 12 May 2018

Lynne Elwell has put her heart and soul into the disability rights and inclusion movements. She has collated a realm of good information and inspiration along the way and we have had the honour and pleasure to record these and create a handbook wh...

Charging for care and support survey  - Created : 23 April 2018

Does your local council charge you for your care and support? if so please take part in the survey about charges for care and support.. TAKE THE SURVEY Over the past few years a group of organisations and activists (the Independent Living St...

Building a National Network for Self-Directed Support  - Created : 09 March 2018

As we know, there is a very big rhetoric-reality gap between the policy on personalisation and many people's real life experience. At a local level, too many people are struggling to get their rights to control their own support and are facing bur...

What is #socialcarefuture and why is In Control supporting it?  - Created : 09 March 2018

by Martin Routledge #socialcarefuture is a voluntarily organised initiative aimed at supporting those wishing to share ideas and information and focus action to bring about major positive change in what is currently called "social care". ...

Partners in Policymaking: Spring 2018 Update  - Created : 05 March 2018

Catch up on the latest Partners in Policymaking courses and news...

Meeting the Challenges of Personal Health Budgets  - Created : 05 March 2018

Does your CCG need some practical help and advice to support the further roll-out of personal health budgets? The Government's Mandate expects 50,000 -100,000 personal health budgets (PHBs) by 2020/21, as well as CCG responsibilities regarding the...

OFSTED and CQC Local area SEND inspections one year on  - Created : 24 November 2017

In Control Briefing - OFSTED and CQC 'Local Area SEND inspections: one year on' October 2017 and Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, 'Education, Health and Care Plans: our first 100 investigations' October 2017. It also includes a suppleme...

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