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Leadership for Personalised Care Programme  - Created : 09 January 2020

In Control is excited to be helping to support The Personalised Care Group and the NHS Leadership Academy with their Leadership for Empowered Communities and Personalised Care programme. After the success of the recent National programme they are now ...

2020 the year of be human!  - Created : 11 December 2019

It's beginning to look like "that time" of year again. For some this is exciting as decorations start going up twinkling & sparkly, some are looking forward to gathering with family others are dreading it. Some are simply looking forward to hibernatio...

Bureaucracy meets person-centered planning  - Created : 05 December 2019

When something is good, people are tempted to make it mainstream by pulling it into the bureaucracy instead of leaving it with people & community and supporting it where it should be!

Talking about a Brighter Social Care Future  - Created : 30 October 2019

Imagine a world where we all get to live in the place we call home with the people & things that we love, doing what matters to us in communities where we look out for one another. To change social care we need to change the story about social care ...

Chris Hatton joins In Control  - Created : 19 September 2019

We are delighted to announce that Professor Chris Hatton, a long time collaborator of In Control has decided to take the step of working directly with us on a part time basis. Alongside his many academic accomplishments Chris is well known as someone...

Farewell to John Waters  - Created : 19 September 2019

Its hard to express the contribution John Waters has made to In Control and to the causes of inclusion and independent living over the 15 years of his time with In Control. As he moves back into working directly to support people at a local level we w...

From standards to better lives  - Created : 06 March 2019

Using POET to bring the NICE personal budgets quality standards to life The National Institute for Health and Social Care Excellence (NICE) has this month published new guidance for adult social care in the form of 'People's experience i...

Charging for Social Care  - Created : 20 November 2018

A tax on the need for support?

Social Care Future gathering  - Created : 20 November 2018

An amazing gathering of over 300 people took place in Manchester, coinciding with the National Children and Adult Social Care (NCASC) conference, organised by the volunteers through the #socialcarefutureinitiative (see

Council Tighten Reins on Personalised Care  - Created : 14 June 2018

The Guardian Article Campaigners say growing use of prepaid cards for people to spend on support at home is removing their independence

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