Different Conversations: 13th April 2016

This webinar was delivered as part of the NW ADASS Community Resilience Programme and was presented by the Chief Executive of Inclusion North, Sam Clark.

In social care and health settings we are constantly grappling with how we can work differently and think differently about people who come to public services (willingly and otherwise) needing support. With so many new ways of thinking around - asset based community development, strengths based approaches, Local Area Coordination, community capacity, social pedagogy, community resilience - sometimes it's hard for people who work in services, as well as the people and families they support, to work out which approach (aside from humanity and common sense!) they should be using. In this webinar we will take a practical look at what one organisation, Inclusion North, has been learning with its partners.

Inclusion North promote the inclusion of people with learning disabilities, their families and carers. Inclusion North want people with learning disabilities to have good lives, and supports different ways of working that help people to get the lives they want. A lot of Inclusion North's work is in the North East and Yorkshire & Humber, but also works in other areas or with other groups across the country.

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