Big Problems, Community Solutions: 28th January 2016

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Thursday 28th January 2016

Community Catalysts CIC are a small group of energetic people who believe passionately in the power of people and community to effect social change. We want people who need care or support to live their lives to be able to get that support in ways, times and places that suit them - a real choice of attractive and sometimes quirky, local options. We help people in local communities to use their gifts, talents and imagination to help other people. Community enterprises and ventures across the areas where we have worked support over 10,000 people and provide 1,720 jobs and 860 volunteering opportunities. We have a network of community ventures called Small Good Stuff:

Making personalisation real is a challenge and in practice, markets are dominated by big, traditional care providers with little real choice available, when well-supported communities can and do run ventures that can provide real choice of personalised services and support. The UK Government is committed to integrating health and social care, but for progress to be made, services need to have a more person-centred approach and investment in 'low-level' community support services is needed. Community driven enterprises and ventures can deliver support shaped round the person, naturally integrating health and social care at the individual level. Top-down initiatives to engage and empower communities sometimes ignore the work already being carried out by local people, rather than nurturing what's there. There is a need to work with existing community structures, building upon and strengthening what is already there and working well.

Use this webinar to learn about unlocking the power of community to tackle strategic challenges around health and well-being.

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