Who wants my job?

It's been my honour to lead the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) team and programme from set up through its first year and a half. We set up TLAP to continue to shine the light for personalisation in tough times, following the ending of the Putting People First Programme which first introduced personalisation into English social policy. One of the great things about the new partnership was that probably for the first time we managed to put together a true sector partnership with all the main players and with the national co-production advisory group core to its decisions and operations.

After the first flush of implementation we are now in the difficult stages of making a reality of what is probably the biggest cultural challenge the sector has ever taken on. We are doing this at a time of big reductions in public expenditure and when people using support, families and the workforce are all under great pressure. In this situation TLAP is trying to keep learning, sharing and supporting as well as influencing policymakers and key organisations. We have just published our review of work to date and plans for the next year. I am most excited about Making it Real - the markers of change for personalisation. Already hundreds of organisations have signed up and many are now uploading their plans for all to see. Over the next few months we aim to get to the next level and get up to 1000 signed up.

Over the period I have worked for TLAP personally I have become increasingly concerned about making personalisation real for older people and about getting some real traction for social capital and I want to be able to put more of my time into practical work in these areas. That's why I've decided now is a good time for me to step down from my management role and focus more on these projects. When I talked to the TLAP board about stepping down I reflected that initially I had agreed to the role for six months and have been having such a great time that it was very difficult to take the step! At the same time though I confirmed my commitment to TLAP and to carry on being very closely involved via some of the key pieces of work mentioned.

I'd strongly encourage anyone who might be interested in the new role to have a look at the advert and come forward. TLAP is now well established, has an important an influential future and is made up of great partners and a wonderful team. Linda, Jaimee, Shahana, Chelsea and Corrine, the core team is a really impressive group and great to work with personally.

So you leaders out there - come and join us!

Martin Routledge




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