Small steps can lead to big change

By Julie Stansfield

This week has been a pretty usual week. It was spent meeting lots of different people from different organisations and sectors talking about personalisation, what's not working with the various systems and the many challenges that professionals and individuals and family members face. I have also come across a number of news articles and blogs focusing on the state of personalisation and as Martin Routledge describes, the "failure narrative".

On my final leg home, I found myself sitting on the train pondering over these worries and asking myself the question of when the bigger picture and vision got lost in all of this and can we even remember what it is? For me the vision is creating a world that embraces difference. One in which there is recognition that all people have a gift and something to contribute and where people matter and feel they belong. So why aren't we focusing our energy on making it happen?

Worry about the RAS if you must... but having a real conversation with people if far more efficient and productive. Worry about ensuring the system process is perfect...but while you're doing this there are people waiting for answers and they already know what support they need whether this fits into your protocols or not. Worry about all the different implications...but think then about the implications of not moving forward with change.

We can spend our lives deliberating and arguing over the best way to get to a destination but for goodness sake we just need to step forward and start moving. Make it your mission to take some small steps to a better place. You will be amazed at how liberating just doing something is.

Please take the time to read a joint blog post from Martin Routledge, Vidhya Alakeson, Miro Griffths and Alex Fox which makes some excellent suggestions for moving forward with personalisation and driving improvements. There's certainly much food for thought in the blog and they're encouraging people to comment on whether these are the right ideas.

There has also been an excellent blog post this week from Jenny Morris which stresses the importance of councils and others keeping hold of the lessons learnt from the past as personalisation is implemented and the fact that there remains a high gap between policy rhetoric and reality.

So please do read these blogs and take the time to consider their points and make comments - maybe this could be the first small step you take to helping make big changes for people.

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