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Today (17 May 2012) sees Making it Real (MIR) going live at the Community Care Live event in London. Making it Real offers the Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) markers of progress for personalisation and community-based support

Crucially these markers have been developed around 26 "I" statements put together by people who use social care and families from the National Co-production Advisory group. This group is made up of disabled and older people - some of them connected to major groups and movements and some of them people able to share their direct daily experience of social care. The group asked itself "If personalisation was really working round here, or in this organisation I use - what would it look and feel like and what would I be experiencing?" The 26 statements that emerged were then set against a range of things that people believed would need to be in place to make them possible - the markers.

The Co-production group and TLAP have been trying these markers out with lots of places and organisations over the past few months and working with partners and others to make sure they can be useful for all groups and situations. One of the really important things is that local councils and provider organisations are asked to use the markers alongside people using services to agree how they are doing, agree action and plan improvements - co-production in action. The idea is that using the markers can give you agreed actions that you can include in your local and organisational plans and share transparently on local web-sites etc. Also, you can tell TLAP some of the big things you are working on so that others with similar interests can learn and share with you. These priorities are put on a big map on the TLAP website so you can get in touch with others with similar issues or who are local to you.

This is not performance management or collecting of detailed data - that isn't its purpose. It is intended to support people who want to make personalisation real to focus their efforts and to support and be supported by others. I hope it will offer both a platform and a practical support to those striving to defend and extend personalisation in these really difficult times.

At the start of this week I was really encouraged when lots of people from councils and provider organisations alongside people using social care and families met together up in Preston to start to plan how we will use Making it Real up in the North West. It was awesome to see the joint determination, in these really hard times, to work together for personalisation.

So far - even before it goes live 300 organisations have declared an interest in using Making it Real - In Control is one of those and we will be working with our members and partners to focus our efforts in support of the initiative. TLAP hopes for 1000 organisations in the first year - why not be one of them?

For more information see the Making it Real website.

To find out how In Control can help your organisation to deliver Making it Real, click here.

Martin Routledge

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