People Matter

I'm sure you're all super busy right now - preparing yourselves for either the busiest or quietest week of the year, attending many year-end gatherings and dealing with the pressure of having to come up with some new year's resolutions!  I'll therefore be brief.

I hope you all have a great end to 2014!  It has been a hard year for many.  Confidence in people being in control has been up and down like a yoyo, making it very difficult to plan and to make decisions.  The personalisation boom and online social media have either been a gift or a curse depending on the impact they have had on you.

There has been much discussion during the course of the year about the state and future of personalisation in public services.

Here's to hoping that 2015 is a better year.  That the new legislation settles down many debates, that we are able to work together in harmony for a vision that continues to make lives better rather than face some of the severe tragedies we have sadly witnessed this year. Collectively we can make this work and share confidence that this change can and will happen. We can build a world where people matter!

The team has recounted some of their highlights from the past year, which serve has a useful reminder and incentive for us to stay determined and to keep focused.

To all of you who are supporters and allies of in control, I'd like to say a special thank-you for continuing to support our mission.  We believe together we are better and appreciate the trust you place in us.  2015 will be a big year as we launch more people based, common sense and practical solutions - watch this space to learn more in 2015.

Finally, sincere thanks to Martin Routledge and Laura Bimpson. Laura is off to pastures new in the new year. Martin has been seconded 4 days a week to his new challenge in becoming the director of Coaltion for Collaborative Care. Both have given a great deal of time and energy to in control, thankyou.


Wishing you all a merry Christmas time and new year where people really do matter.



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  1. Gravatar of Rosie Black Rosie Black
    posted 27 February 2015 at 10:52:01

    Hi Julie

    I attended an in control real lfe follow up day in Glasgow recently with a colleague it was inspirational.

    I have a particular enquiry regarding resource allocation systems which we as a Local Authority would like to develop and one that is fair and transparent.

    We as a LA have visted Perth and Kinross to look at their learning around this and are at the intial stages of progessing a simlar type model.

    Is your org aware of any current research or good practice around the above and the challenges for LA's to implement a system which is robust and fair.

    I would appreciate any signposting you could suggest!

    Many thanks

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