Older people and personal budgets - what's working well?

I've blogged several times on this before of course but now I'm looking for your help. You might have seen that I am working with Sarah Carr the personalisation lead at SCIE, to lead a Think Local, Act Personal review of personal budgets for older people. This was reported in Community Care last week.

The review is in collaboration with ADASS, the Department of Health and has a steering group including key older people's and carers organisations. It will have two initial phases. From June to September we will look at the data and information to establish a clear position on numbers, outcomes, challenges and initial ideas for improvement. In phase two from September to March we will explore positive practice and solutions in more detail including with pioneering places and initiatives and make recommendations for local and central government and the wider sector. We will be linking closely with the Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care programme to ensure that in their support for councils to improve on personal budgets delivery, our findings are well used.

The help that the steering group and I need at this point is to be pointed in the direction of promising practice and initiatives which can help older people gain good benefit from personal budgets. These might be operating at a strategic level, may be about improving process, or may be specific initiatives and practices. They may also be about ways of helping people adapt their behaviours and shifting cultures.  We are doing this review because we know there are many challenges to address and these have been well documented so our main focus in this call for evidence is on solutions and promising possibilities.

If you have information or ideas please make initial contact via this blog. Thanks a lot for your help.

Martin Routledge

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