Let's tell the government (and remind ourselves) what makes personalisation work

You might have seen that the Department of Health is asking for people's views as it looks to develop a new White Paper on social care next spring. There are a number of areas it wants views about including personalisation.

Here at In Control we are thinking about what we want to say to the government about this. We know there is an awful lot of bad delivery of personalisation out there - we get many people contacting us every week with depressing, sometimes outrageous stories. I predict that most of the responses that the government gets will tell them what isn't working. Many of these responses will come from people quite rightly demanding the promise of personalisation be delivered for them or those they care about. People will tell of daft bureaucracy, of unhelpful restrictions. Others will talk about forms of personal budget that feel fake - where they aren't really able to self-direct. Some people will perhaps understandably in these times mix up personalisation itself with budget cuts and bad delivery and damn it. Some responses will come from people who are opposed to or sceptical about personalisation in the first place. They'll take the opportunity to say it was a stupid government led idea in the first place, ignoring its roots - disappointing but that's their right.

We at In Control will also tell the government what isn't working and why not. But that isn't enough is it? In many ways that's the easy thing to do. Personalisation has to be made to work - what is the alternative? So what's harder but really important is to identify what works - what we want to see more of, why and how it seems to make a difference. We then have to share and promote and struggle to get these things to happen everywhere. In part this is government business but it's also for councils and providers and others to act. Please will you help us with this? Tell us anything you have experienced or know about that works. We'll pull what you tell us together and tell the government about it.

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To find out more information and the Department of Health Consultation and to give your views direct please visit the Caring For Our Future website at

The deadline for responses is 2nd December 2011.

Martin Routledge, head of operations for In Control




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