Les Scaife reveals why being ‘in control’ is so important this Christmas

What being in control has meant this year is that my son Brian has been able to go out and do his own Christmas shopping with the support from his PA.

At this time of the year we will all be together as a family over the Christmas, but after that Brian wants to go to a rock show, Gym, and spend a few days away with his PA to do his own thing.

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With Brian being in control of his life I can now have a bit more control over my own life, so in control is a win win situation, and much better that the old days of traditional services where you had no choice and no control.

Being in control has given Brian the opportunity to broaden his horizons and work at being more independent and decide his own future. In fact, Brian has a micro enterprise going; he collects used printer cartridges from office blocks and industrial estates and sells them back to the manufacturers to be re-filled. It gives him a sense of purpose, introduces him into the world of work and meeting other people in the community, so there are a lot of elements in this work that are beneficial for Brian.

It also means I have confidence that Brian will live a life in the community making his own decisions when I am no longer here.

This Christmas is a time to celebrate being 'in control' but also to remind everyone that having fought so hard for this freedom and control, we must defend it for those who follow us to make use of.

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