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Firstly, welcome to our new website and many thanks to you, our website users who contributed to its development and gave so many suggestions to make it easier to use.  Please continue to give us feedback so we can ensure we're constantly keeping the site fresh and relevant.

Julie Stansfield

The new features on the site will give our users the opportunity to get involved in online networks and support each other - and let's face it, in the tough times we're moving into, we need ways of keeping strong and staying together.

Such a wave of change is happening in nearly every direction and I know people are finding it incredibly tough. Can we take any comfort in "a smooth sea never made a skilful mariner"? (perhaps not) but the ethics and values of the In Control movement simply have to find a way to survive in these difficult circumstances. "It's not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change" (~Charles Darwin). We all know that change is hard but I also know that "the only human institution that rejects progress is the cemetery" (~Harold Wilson). Most of us are already in the midst of change and we are all at a stage of "let's plan or be planned for" and this might be at a very personal level, or an organisational level.

I do feel however, that there is some good news and some hope to be found. I never cease to be inspired by the People Power movement and the energy in this network. I attended a sector-wide partnership group last week to launch the agenda of 'Think Local, Act Personal'. The attendance was wide and varied from across the field and every partner there wanted to strive for the best outcomes for individuals who receive services. The end of the 'Putting People First' agenda feels like the end of a concept stage and the start of putting real delivery into practice. Of course, this delivery comes at the most challenging time to execute it but it is also the time to really shift power to people and to make a real difference to people's lives - helping people to "get a life, not just a service" (~Gavin Croft) - so let's just go and do that now.

Julie Stansfield, chief executive, In Control

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