Alicia's Social Care Future Wishlist

Martin Routledge challenged me to blog about social care as part of a quest to get a range of views from people in the social care field. Follow them on #socialcarefuture. I have so much to say about what is needed for a good social care so for the sake of brevity, I have condensed a wide range of thoughts down into my #socialcarefuture wish list...

Read the rest of Alicia Wood's blog post here.


#socialcarefuture has been developed to create a space, including a gathering in November, for a wide range of people and voices to debate and take action for a positive future.

We want to get past just thinking about stabilising the current system which isn't fit for the future. We want to make a contribution to a much more positive vision, share what's going on now that helps get us there, and find ways of supporting each other as we build the future.

In Control is part of the informal group supporting #socialcarefuture and as part of this we are hosting this blog series. Many people will be blogging and their views are their own.

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