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Let's tell the government (and remind ourselves) what makes personalisation work  - Last Updated : 06 October 2011

You might have seen that the Department of Health is asking for people's views as it looks to develop a new White Paper on social care next spring. There are a number of areas it wants views about including personalisation.

Putting the local into 'Think Local, Act Personal'  - Last Updated : 18 July 2011

Over the past few weeks there has been much debate about personal budgets in an era of austerity with some good discussion about challenges and possible solutions. However 'Think Local Act Personal' is about more than personal budgets. The much bigger...

Personal budgets - changing trains?  - Last Updated : 24 June 2011

You'll remember Sliding Doors the film - where Gwyneth Paltrow has two different lives depending on whether she catches a certain train or not. I'm feeling a bit like that with personal budgets. We know that personal budgets done properly work better ...

Autism still misunderstood  - Last Updated : 08 June 2011

Following, Panorama's shocking programme, Phoebe Caldwell, an expert practitioner in Intensive Interaction and a regular speaker on our Partners in Policymaking courses, blogs about how people with autism are still misunderstood.

Bring people back to where they their own communities  - Last Updated : 02 June 2011

Juie Stansfield chief executive of In Control responds to the shocking BBC Panorama programme - 'Undercover Care'.

Time to take stock and plan for action  - Last Updated : 08 June 2011

Martin Routledge's latest blog following the Community Care and Unison survey on personalisation.

Let's stand up for true personalisation  - Last Updated : 27 April 2011

Until recently Martin Routledge led the Putting People First delivery programme at the Department of Health. He is now head of operations for In Control. Here he reflects on personalisation in policy and practice and considers the challenges and oppor...

Tough times call for real personalisation  - Last Updated : 19 April 2011

Personalisation of care and support has been a great breakthrough, and it retains broad political and sector support. But there's a danger of it being badly - and unnecessarily - damaged in these austere times.

Keeping the Vision in a time of trouble  - Last Updated : 24 March 2011

I am writing this blog as the new Chair of In-Control, as of January this year. This is a time when what we stand for is needed by people more than ever before, as resources become scarcer than they have for as long as people can remember, and it is s...

Keeping the ethics alive  - Last Updated : 12 February 2011

Firstly, welcome to our new website and many thanks to you, our website users who contributed to its development and gave so many suggestions to make it easier to use. Please continue to give us feedback so we can ensure we're constantly keeping the ...

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