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Older people and personal budgets - what's working well?  - Last Updated : 18 June 2012

I've blogged several times on this before of course but now I'm looking for your help. You might have seen that I am working with Sarah Carr the personalisation lead at SCIE, to lead a Think Local, Act Personal review of personal budgets for older peo...

Redesigning the front end of social care  - Last Updated : 30 May 2012

Today we publish a new paper urging the government to use the forthcoming White Paper as an opportunity to redesign the social care system at the point of need. We urgently need a system which is based on a partnership with people, rather than a battle.

Personalisation - let's Make it Real together  - Last Updated : 11 June 2012

Today (17 May 2012) sees Making it Real (MIR) going live at the Community Care Live event in London. Making it Real offers the Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) markers of progress for personalisation and community-based support

Partnership working and common sense needed for SEN reform  - Last Updated : 18 May 2012

This week, Sarah Teather, Children's Minister is State for Children and Families announced that families are to be given personal budgets for special educational needs support (SEN).

Looking for the win, win, win  - Last Updated : 16 February 2012

For provider organisations, working to adapt to personalisation at a time of shrinking resources can be a real challenge. Shifting systems, practices and behaviours in response to personal budget holders and more broadly personalising support for peo...

Can we reclaim adult social work too?  - Last Updated : 03 February 2012

This week has offered signs that the debate about the future of adult social work might be about to get moving. Paul Burstow's comments at the launch of the College of Social Work and the press in advance of the College's own event on the future of so...

Personalisation for all?  - Last Updated : 24 January 2012

A regular and understandable challenge to the shift towards personalisation comes from those who point to groups of people clearly not benefitting well at present. Sometimes challengers suggest that personalisation is not relevant or not wanted by som...

Fight the Power? Personalisation and Power in England  - Last Updated : 14 October 2013

A guest blog post from Professor Chris Hatton, Lancaster University:

Self-directed support - where do we go from here?  - Last Updated : 09 January 2012

An invitation to help take self-directed support forward...

Chief Executive's Christmas message  - Last Updated : 16 December 2011

This past year has been a very challenging one for many of us. This may be because you've been desperately trying to make the best use of limited resources in your organisation or you're an individual that has faced worry and uncertainty over the prov...

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