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Who wants my job?  - Last Updated : 17 September 2012

It's been my honour to lead the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) team and programme from set up through its first year and a half. We set up TLAP to continue to shine the light for personalisation in tough times, following the ending of the Putting Peo...

Twenty nine ways to make personalisation real  - Last Updated : 12 September 2012

This blog post has been written by our associate Andrew Tyson. Andrew is a health and social care practitioner based in Brighton. He works as an independent facilitator, trainer, writer and speaker and is a registered social worker and accredited int...

Personal Health Budgets: 10 features of an effective process  - Last Updated : 12 September 2012

This blog post has been written for us by Vidhya Alakeson, an associate of In Control. Vidhya Alakeson is the Director of Research and Strategy at the Resolution Foundation, an independent policy and research organisation. Vidhya also works part-time...

Perusing the Bill - One for the wonks  - Last Updated : 01 August 2012

Alongside the Adult Social Care White Paper the government published the draft bill.

Fifty shades of white?  - Last Updated : 12 July 2012

Read Martin Routledge's blog post on the White Paper.

Enterprising People Co-Producing Local Solutions  - Last Updated : 11 July 2012

Read our guest blog post from Helen Allen, Operations Manager at Community Catalysts.

A people-led approach to support planning  - Last Updated : 04 July 2012

Simon Stockton, co-director of Groundswell Partnership, blogs here about the importance of a people-led approach to support planning and introduces Groundswell's new report - Empower and Enable.

In Control supports regional Think Local, Act Personal initiatives  - Last Updated : 29 June 2012

Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) is a partnership of national bodies and organisations but the clue to its purpose is in the title THINK LOCAL! We need to make sure that the TLAP vision and coalition is in place at a local level. A very positive devel...

Personal budgets getting on the train? What do the latest ADASS numbers mean for the progress of self-directed support?  - Last Updated : 12 July 2012

Blog post on the latest personal budget numbers.

Older people and personal budgets: What can be done?  - Last Updated : 19 March 2012

The policy goal of 100% personal budgets, including for older people was bound to come under challenge. ADASS in its paper 'The Case for Tomorrow: Facing the Beyond' has now raised this with government. ADASS calls for a joint review with the governme...

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