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Personal health budgets - why we can't stop here  - Last Updated : 02 October 2014

This guest post is by Vidhya Alakeson, one of In Control's associates and Deputy Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation. Vidhya is a leading consultant in the personalisation of health and social care. She is an internationally recognised expert...

Dream or delusion: How fit for purpose is the Care Act guidance?  - Last Updated : 18 August 2014

This blog post has been written by Andrew Tyson one of our long-standing associates. It is based on our response to the Department of Health's consultation on the draft Care Act guidance. In Control produced a joint response to the guidance on behalf...

Integration must start with the person  - Last Updated : 03 July 2014

By Nic Crosby This week we published two new papers looking at integration across services. Integration is heralded by many as the answer to limited and ever decreasing budgets as well as inefficient and duplicating systems but how many see it as a w...

Justice for LB: Day 104  - Last Updated : 17 July 2014

By Miro Griffiths As described by his family, "Connor Sparrowhawk was a fit and healthy young man, who loved buses, London, Eddie Stobart and speaking his mind. He was known as LB online, short for Laughing Boy."

Small steps can lead to big change  - Last Updated : 31 January 2014

By Julie Stansfield This week has been a pretty usual week. It was spent meeting lots of different people from different organisations and sectors talking about personalisation, what's not working with the various systems and the many challenges that...

Personalisation - give up or move on?  - Last Updated : 31 January 2014

By Martin Routledge, Alex Fox, Miro Griffiths, Vidhya Alakeson

Delivering personal health budgets by Vidhya Alakeson  - Last Updated : 15 January 2014

Vidhya Alakeson, one of In Control's associates writes about her new book 'Delivering Personal Health Budgets'.

Jayne Knight on why her family is able to spend this Christmas together  - Last Updated : 24 December 2013

Why being 'in control' means so much this Christmas

Clenton Farquharson on being ‘in control’ this Christmas  - Last Updated : 23 December 2013

If I had a Christmas wish it would be to see us reclaim 'independent living' from a term that seems to mean 'living alone' back to what it should be - being able to live the life you want to live and be supported to do so.

Finding a way to unite for genuine inclusion  - Last Updated : 20 December 2013

In our series of Christmas blogs about what it means to be 'in control' at this time of year, our Chief Executive Julie Stansfield, Sam Clarke from Inclusion North and Sian Lockwood from Community Catalysts talk about their hopes for 2014.

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