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Clenton Farquharson on being ‘in control’ this Christmas  - Last Updated : 23 December 2013

If I had a Christmas wish it would be to see us reclaim 'independent living' from a term that seems to mean 'living alone' back to what it should be - being able to live the life you want to live and be supported to do so.

Finding a way to unite for genuine inclusion  - Last Updated : 20 December 2013

In our series of Christmas blogs about what it means to be 'in control' at this time of year, our Chief Executive Julie Stansfield, Sam Clarke from Inclusion North and Sian Lockwood from Community Catalysts talk about their hopes for 2014.

Les Scaife reveals why being ‘in control’ is so important this Christmas  - Last Updated : 18 December 2013

What being in control has meant this year is that my son Brian has been able to go out and do his own Christmas shopping with the support from his PA. At this time of the year we will all be together as a family over the Christmas, but after that Bri...

Mike Walker opens up about why he is celebrating being ‘in control’ this Christmas  - Last Updated : 17 December 2013

Christmas is a time when I really appreciate having a personal budget. A personal budget means I can organise how I want to celebrate the festive season whereas when I used to live in residential care my Christmas was the way the home wanted it to be...

Elaine Cotterill, In Control trustee, talks about what it means to be 'in control' this Christmas  - Last Updated : 10 December 2013

I can't tell you how relieved I am to be 'in control' this Christmas. Having literally felt as though our lives had been blown apart with my wonderful husband's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2004 and a huge relapse in 2006, we came across I...

Economic pen-pictures of circles  - Last Updated : 10 December 2013

Martin Routledge talks about why he believes circles are the key to bridging the gap between people, communities and the state.

Latest blog - Personalisation: how to avoid snatching defeat from the jaws of success  - Last Updated : 04 March 2013

In Control, along with our partners and allies, strongly support the personalisation agenda. We are afraid though that unless all local delivery mirrors the best, a historic opportunity to make a big leap forward may be lost.

Latest blog - Personalising Homecare  - Last Updated : 29 January 2013

What can commissioners and providers do to make homecare support more personal for the people that use it? This was the question discussed in a meeting between myself and the management team of the United Kingdom Homecare Association about a year ago....

Blog - Getting the Act together on personal budgets  - Last Updated : 27 February 2013

In Control has just sent through a submission to the pre-legislative scrutiny committee on the Care and Support Bill, being chaired by former minister Paul Burstow. (See below). This is our second submission - you wait for one submission and then two...

Pooling personal budgets: another way to make personalisation real  - Last Updated : 18 December 2012

In September I blogged about the project In Control carried out in the north-west of England earlier this year -twenty nine ways of making personalisation real. I'm now going to add number thirty to the list, that is the pooling of personal budgets, ...

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