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Losing control?  - Last Updated : 26 March 2015

Over the past two years, a group of disabled people and allies from a range of organisations have been meeting to discuss concerns about the present state and future of independent living. Our first meeting was chaired by Baroness Jane Campbell, who c...

People Matter  - Last Updated : 19 December 2014

I'm sure you're all super busy right now - preparing yourselves for either the busiest or quietest week of the year, attending many year-end gatherings and dealing with the pressure of having to come up with some new year's resolutions! I'll therefor...

Why only 15% of autistic people have paid employment  - Last Updated : 17 December 2014

This guest blog post is from Richard Lamplough from 'A Potential Diamond' one of our newest Stay Connected members.

What can we learn from the National Personal Budget Survey?  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

In this blog post John Waters, In Control's research and evaluation lead and Professor Chris Hatton from Lancaster University consider the findings from the Third National Personal Budget Survey and what lessons we can draw.

POET - helping to put the 'human' back into services  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

By Julie Stansfield, chief executive, In Control Disability or a long-term health issues has a profound impact on people's lives, not only on their own life but on the lives of those around them that love and support them. The role of social service...

Getting underneath the skin of personal budgets  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

Sue Bott, our trustee and director of policy and development at Disability Rights UK writes this guest blog post for us on the launch of the Third National Personal Budget Survey.

Personal health budgets: Let's move on from the idea and focus on implementation  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

This guest post is by Vidhya Alakeson, one of In Control's associates and Deputy Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation. Vidhya is a leading consultant in the personalisation of health and social care. She is an internationally recognised expert...

Personal budgets are helping people in Leeds to live the lives they want  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

Stuart Cameron-Strickand, Head of Policy Performance and Improvement for Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council writes this blog post for us on how POET is being used in Leeds.

Using POET to measure the difference that personal budgets and education, health and care plans are making to children and young people  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

Our associate and lead for POEt development for children and young people, shares this guest blog post with us. POET, the Personal Outcomes and Evaluation Tool has been developed by In Control and the Centre for Disability Research at Lancaster Unive...

Why all councils need to be self-aware  - Last Updated : 28 October 2014

Jon Rouse, Director General of Social Care, Local Government and Partnerships for the Department of Health writes this guest blog post for us.

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