About Us

We are a national charity working for an inclusive society where everyone has the support they need to live a good life and make a valued contribution.

We operate as an extensive network and 'community for change' that aims to:

  • Work directly with people who need support, and with their families to provide them with the knowledge, power and tools to take control of their lives
  • Influence and improve the delivery of self-directed support
  • Develop and test new innovative ways for people to be in control of their lives
  • Measure the impact of self-directed support and personal budgets on people's lives

We're currently funded by government bodies such as the Department of Health, Department for Education and NHS England as well as through councils, clinical commissioning groups, provider organisations and sector-related bodies such as Think Local Act Personal, ADASS and ADCS. These organisations enlist our help to implement self-directed support/personalisation. We also receive grant funding for various project work.

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